Compare Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Home vs Microsoft Speech Recognition
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Compare Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Home vs Microsoft Speech Recognition

Dragon Natural Speaking 13 Home, is one of the perfect ways of having fun and doing more with your PC.  With this software, you can do stuffs such as dictate your school assignment to the software and watch it find solutions. With this software, you can easily proofread even with your ears, and this naturally sounding text-to-speech software comes with an audio play-back feature that will speed up proof-reading. The software prices start from 80 Euro, and can help you perform numerous tasks including; the formatting of memos, editing of your lists and your memoirs. You can also use this software to dictate the filling of forms online, especially for online shopping , or registration for classes.

Dragon Natural Speaking 13 Home can help you create some custom formats especially for the frequently used words or phrases in order to manage your files and photos. It can also help you search, and browse the internet , and you can browse some online stores with the use of different commands. The software will help you keep up with your calendars and inbox, you can create a new event or edit existing ones with your voice command

- The software helps you stay connected with your social profiles, you can speak through the chat interface instead of typing.
- The system requirements for the software are; 2GB  RAM for Windows 7 and 8, and 4GB RAM for windows 8.1 and Windows server 2012.
- Allows the use of multiple options of microphones, including in-built laptops.

Microsoft Speech Recognition

Microsoft Speech recognition is a convenient way to dictate instructions to your computer and collect a feedback immediately. This software is one of the fastest in the industry because it gives results in micro-seconds. This software will require that you connect a microphone to your computer when you are using it. Once the microphone and voice profile has been set up then you can use the software to control your PC. The software is capable of listening and responding to voice commands in order to interact with your Windows OS and run some programs. The software can also help you dictate or edit your texts with voice commands, but the software is only available in 6 languages, including; English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German and Chinese.

The Speech recognition software heavily relies on the API technology, developed by Microsoft to edit, and perform different operations.  The user interface of this software comprises of three segments; Listening, speaking and off. The listening interface is simply a recognizer that I always active and waiting for the user instruction. The sleeping interface responds to no other instruction except “start listening”, while the Off  does not listen to respond to any command but used to switch off the user interface.


It comes with an “Alternate panel” feature that will display some suggestions for commands , phrases or words.
- Aside the speech commands, the software also makes use of keyboard and mouse commands.
- Comes with a speech dictionary that allows users to include or exclude words and phrases that can be recorded in the software.
- Comes with speech recognition macros that can be created by users, these include; substitutions and program executions.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Home vs Microsoft Speech Recognition Comparison Chart

Features Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Home Microsoft Speech Recognition
Features This software comes with basic and advanced dictation and speech command features, but still requires some advance features that are found in newer versions One of the most advanced speech recognition softwares in the world
Microphone usage It works with both external and in-built microphones in the laptop This requires the connection of an eternal microphone for effective usage.  You need to learn how to set up the microphone via the Microsoft website
Availability Works perfectly with Windows 7, windows 8, and Windows server 2012 but not available for Windows Vista and XP Available for all Microsoft Windows, including XP, Vista, Windows 7,8, 10 and Windows server 2012
Languages Available in more than 12 languages It is only available in 6 languages, and these are English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and French
Price Prices start from 70 British pounds, which is not that expensive when compared to similar software in its category More expensive than the Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Home edition
Others The software does not require continuous upgrades, and can be installed on multiple devices with one single license Will require upgrades from time to time, depending on the version of Microsoft Windows operating system you are using